'Men in Kilts' Washes Windows, But Don't Allow Peeking Up Their Kilts (Video)


'Men in Kilts' is a company that provides men wearing kilts to businesses in Boston for the purpose of window washing.

According to company website, the men have to climb ladders and there is a “no peeking” policy.

“Yesterday was actually really nice really sunny warm so it kept the kilt down, no breezes,” Men in Kilts employee Chris Murphy told WHDH-TV. "If you don't look down, it feels like you're wearing shorts.”

The Scottish-flavored company was started in Vancouver, Canada for $500.

“We did a photo shoot last week in Boston,” Men in Kilts owner Judy Briggs told WHDH-TV. “My son was up on the second floor and the women were walking down the street and instead of going around the ladder, they’d go under the ladder. And he just politely said, ‘no peeking.’”

Source: WHDH-TV and MenInKilts.com


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