McDonald's, Visa Advise Workers to Get Second Job, Go Without Heat


McDonald's and Visa recently launched a new website that advises workers how to budget their money with their low income jobs. Part of that advice is getting a second job and going without heat.

The website includes a "budget journal" that lists $1,105 for the monthly income of the employee's "1st Job" and $995 for income of the "2nd Job."

When it comes to budgeting finances, the website allocates $0 a month for heating and only $20 a month for health insurance, which would be an amazing deal if it existed.

While there are full-time McDonald’s workers who do qualify for the fast food company’s $14 per week health plan, that would actually cost $56 a month, notes

However, there is no money budgeted for food, which may explain the $800 in "spending money."

The McDonald's and Visa website also tries to sell workers on the Visa Payroll Card, instead of getting a pay check each week, but it doesn't say if there are any fees attached.

Earlier this year, a McDonald's employee sued a franchise owner because of fees associated with getting her pay via a payroll card.

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