McDonald's CEO Boasts 'Always' Paying 'Above Minimum Wage'


McDonald's CEO Don Thompson recently boasted that the fast food company has “always been an above-minimum wage employer."

Thompson spoke to Bloomberg TV on Wednesday about the highly-ridiculed budget advice the company put online for McDonald's employees, which included no money for heat, clothing or food, but did recommend a second job.

“I think we have legislators and many people that will determine whether or not minimum wage should be raised. And every time, if minimum wage is raised we have always been an above-minimum wage employer, and we’ve always provided opportunity," stated Thompson.

However, McDonald's worker Stephanie Sanders, 33, wrote an op-ed in May for the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel saying she is paid $7.25, the minimum wage:

I make $7.25 an hour, less than half of what I made in my last job. That's OK if you're 16 and you want to buy a phone or sneakers, but it's not OK if you're supporting yourself. Even though I serve food at my job, I can't afford to buy enough food. I have to rely on food stamps. I'd go hungry without them.

According to, the average McDonald's pay is barely above minimum wage for cashiers ($7.73), crew members ($7.67), crew ($7.72), drive-thru cashiers ($7.75) and team members $7.70). Managers and other supervisors are paid a few bucks more than minimum wage

McDonald's employees and several other fast food company workers have been staging walkouts recently and have another strike planned for next week. The workers want a "living wage" to keep up with actual living costs.

Sources: Bloomberg TV,, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel


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