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Mayor Bloomberg to Announce NYC Micro Unit Apartments Design Contest Winners

Those looking to make it big in New York City might be getting a little bit of help thanks to some innovative design work by 33 contest entrants.

Mayor Bloomberg is set to announce the winner of the “micro unit” design contest on Tuesday, a competition that challenged contestants create blueprints for ultra-tiny apartments that singles working on small salaries could actually afford.

The apartments will be constructed as part of the adAPT NYC program with the initial wave of flats to be constructed at East 27thStreet, according to The Daily News. There will be 80 units to begin with and they will be granted an exemption from normal city ordinances that require the majority of newly constructed apartments to measure at least 400 square feet. The adAPT NYC developed apartments are expected to be somewhere in the 275 to 300 square feet range.

There were 33 bids entered into the contest, the most bids ever entered into any housing project undertaken by New York City’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. The apartments, which will likely resemble mini-studios, will be just large enough to have a bathroom, a kitchen and sleeping and dining areas.

The mayor is set to make the announcement Museum of the City of New York in conjunction with an exhibit highlighting inventive housing design work tailored to meet the changing needs of city dwellers. Clever but simple touches like fold-up beds and roll-away tables are just a few of the ways that designers looking to maximize space have done more with less.

Once the project receives City Council approval, it should begin breaking ground at the end of 2013 and it could lead to more space-waiver exemptions being granted in the future.

(image via The Daily News)


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