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Marla Cooper: My Uncle was Hijacker D.B. Cooper

The new information that led the FBI to reopen the infamous D.B. Cooper hijacking case came from a woman named Marla Cooper -- yes, that Cooper -- his niece.

"I'm certain he was my uncle, Lynn Doyle Cooper, who we called L.D. Cooper," Cooper told ABC News.

She turned over evidence including a guitar strap and photos that she hopes can lead to a DNA or fingerprint match from the hijacked plane, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

Cooper said she vaguely remembers two of her uncles plotting something suspicious around Thanksgiving of 1971 at her grandmother's house in Oregon. She was eight years old.

"My two uncles, who I only saw at holiday time, were planning something very mischievous," she said. "I was watching them use some very expensive walkie-talkies that they had purchased. They left to supposedly go turkey hunting, and Thanksgiving morning I was waiting for them to return."

The next day a man who identified himself as Dan Cooper hijacked a plane, parachuting off near the Washington-Oregon border with $200,000.

Marla said her uncle finally reappeared at the house with fresh injuries from a supposed car crash.

"My uncle, L.D., was wearing a white T-shirt and he was a bloody and bruised and a mess, and I was horrified. I began to cry. My other uncle, who was with L.D. said 'Marla, just shut up and go to your dad."

Then the topper -- she claims she heard her uncles talking about the hijacking.

"I heard my uncle say, 'We did it. Our money problems are over. We hijacked an airplane,'" she said.

And that was it -- she said she never saw her uncle again, and was told he died in 1999.

Cooper said her father spoke about it on his deathbed in 1999.

"He said, 'Don't you remember he hijacked that airplane?'"

So far the FBI has not been able to get any prints from the evidence Cooper provided.

Here is a link to the ABC News interview.


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