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Man Must Pay Child Support for Kids Conceived After Divorce

A Massachusetts man has been ordered to pay child support for twins he conceived with his ex-wife through in vitro fertilization after the couple split. This, despite the man's claims that the ex-wife assured him he would bear no responsibility for the children.

Chukwudera and Blessing Okoli married in 1991 and despite trying, they could not conceive a child. They got on a waiting list for donor eggs to be fertilized with Okoli's sperm.

The couple separated in 2000 and about a year later eggs became available. Blessing Okoli still wanted a baby and asked her husband is she could use his sperm. At first he said no. But then she said she would support the Nigerian-born Okoli's bid for citizenship so he would not be deported, he testified in court. And when he said she added that he would not be responsible for the children, he agreed.

However Blessing Okoli's lawyer said Okoli was already a legal citizen so he could not be deported.

The twins were born in 2003 and three years later Blessing Okoli began asking for child support.

A lower court ruled in the woman's favor, and on Tuesday an appeals court upheld the ruling. It said that Okoli was responsible for support because his actions resulted “in the creation of a child, and the law will attach parental responsibilities as a result."


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