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Man Moved Into Family's Home While They Were Away, Claimed Ownership in Court (Video)

Robert Carr reportedly moved into a home in Springdale, Ohio, while the owners were out of town, visiting a dying relative.

According to CBS Cleveland, Carr changed the house locks, emptied the home and claimed to be the new owner (video below).

Carr (pictured) is claiming the house through a “quiet title" that he filed in Hamilton County Court.

He says the family, which does not want to be identified, supposedly abandoned the house and gave up their ownership rights.

“What he’s looking for is full title and ownership of the home,” Alison Warner, an attorney for the family, told WLWT. “He’s in their home. They don’t know when he’s there. He can be there now.”

Carr has reportedly pulled this legal trick on 11 homes in the area.

"When you abandon a property, bam, walk away from it, 'I ain't never coming back. I don't want nothing to do with it,' right? Somebody can come in, 'Oh, mine,'" said Carr.

"I have a team of people who go out and I say make sure the house is empty. If it's empty, change the locks," added Carr.

The family has charged Carr with breaking and entering their home through a basement window, a charge that Carr is fighting in court.

Apparently, this type of seizing houses is not that unusual, according to FBI Agent Kevin Cornelius.

“They’ll come together as groups to receive training, how to conduct some of these schemes from a financial standpoint, to understand what they consider the common law and how they can use that common law for their sovereign purposes,” Cornelius told WLWT. “I’m not familiar with any cases where it’s held up in court. I think that it holds up the process of the court’s decision.”

Sources: CBS Cleveland and WLWT


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