Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Gives 'Duck Dynasty' Entrepreneurial Award, Won't Mention Corporate Welfare

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) plans to appear on the reality TV series "Duck Dynasty" and give Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander, the first "Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence.”

According to Gov. Jindal's official website, he gave the award to Robertson back in February, but the moment will appear on "Duck Dynasty" on June 11.

Gov. Jindal's website states, "The Governor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence will be periodically awarded by the Governor to homegrown Louisiana businesses that grow and provide more opportunity, more jobs, and more commerce for the State of Louisiana."

“...The reason for this award is the tremendous impact that Duck Commander's expansion has had on our community and on all Louisianians. In Louisiana, we have had success over the last six years in bringing more jobs and more opportunity to the state."

However, Gov. Jindal failed to mention the corporate welfare that has helped fund the "Duck Dynasty" TV show at Louisiana taxpayer expense.

Reason.com notes that Louisiana tax dollars subsidize thirty percent of "Duck Dynasty" production in West Monroe, La.  While exact figures are not available, an industry insider  estimated that Louisiana taxpayers foot the bill for as much as “$70,000 per episode."

The "Duck Dynasty" family earns $200,000 per episode, noted Deadline.com.

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