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London Home Goes On Sale for $380 Million

A home in London, England, has gone on sale for $380 million. If sold at this price, the central London mansion would be the most expensive property in Britain.

The house includes views of St. James's Park, is 30 times larger than a typical London house and costs 700 times more than the average property value in London.

According to, the home is currently owned by an unidentified a member of a Middle Eastern royal family.

He has owned the home since the 1970s, but has rarely lived in the home.

According to to the UK's Land Registry, the owner is a company called "Carltop Estates," which is registered in the British Virgin Islands, but is based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, a tiny country near Switzerland.

The owner has reportedly spent millions restoring the six-story town house, which has four stories above ground and two stories below.

“The building is very much as it was in its heyday. It would be for a new owner to put in the modern toys such as a swimming pool," a source told "Many of the rooms are completely empty and after so many rooms, one fades into the next.”



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