Log Cabin Republicans "Condemn" Senate for Lack of Budget


WASHINGTON -- Log Cabin Republicans condemn the Democrat controlled Senate, led by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), for failing to fulfill their statutory obligation to pass a budget even once during the last thousand days.

“Democrats are telling a thousand and one stories to distract the American voter, but even Queen Scheherazade couldn’t spin her way out of a thousand days without passing a budget,” said R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans. “American families, gay and straight, all know that the first step to regaining fiscal health is writing a budget that clearly sets out priorities and limits spending to what you can afford. Senate Democrats have engaged in an unprecedented dereliction of duty. There is nothing President Obama can say in the State of the Union address tonight to hide their failure from the American people. Just more words will not alleviate voters’ discontent. Log Cabin Republicans look forward to electing a Republican Senate majority this November that is ready to get down to business.”


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