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Lindsay Lohan's Car Insurance Skyrocketed, Keep Yours from Doing the Same

Recent news reports claim Lindsay Lohan’s car insurance premium could be as high as six figures. Even on a celebrity budget, that’s an incredible amount of money to pay to sit behind the wheel.

What happened? Her last citation involved leaving the scene of an accident after she reportedly crashed her Porsche into another vehicle. That wasn’t the first time she wrecked a high-dollar car. Earlier this year, she reportedly totaled another Porsche after crashing into a dump truck in Malibu.

When you add those wrecks to her double DUI charges from 2007, it is amazing the starlet even has a driver’s license. Lohan may be fortunate to have auto insurance, but her premiums are through the roof.

State laws require everyone on the road to carry auto insurance. Average drivers are not crashing Porsches or collecting a string of DUIs, but they can learn from Lohan’s mistakes and pump the brakes on high insurance premiums.

Keep a Clean Record

Traffic citations can boost your insurance premium faster than a reckless teenager in a Ferrari—just ask Lindsay Lohan. Be sure to obey traffic laws all the time. If you do get a ticket, find out if your insurance company will allow you to take a driving class to keep your rates from increasing. A clean record can save you hundreds, or even thousands, each year.

Stay Under the Radar

Drive a low-profile car that is less likely to be stolen. When shopping for a vehicle, remember that a more expensive car will fetch a higher premium. Also, go for the car with less horsepower. A less powerful car nets a lower premium and makes it less likely for you to get a speeding ticket.

Profit from Features

Some states offer driver discounts on vehicles that have anti-lock brakes and airbags. Ask your insurance company what discounts they offer for safety features and make sure you are getting every discount available to you.

Never Leave the Scene

It’s bad enough to get into an accident, so don’t make things worse by leaving the scene. Not only will you be charged for the accident, but you risk arrest and loss of license. Police arrested Lohan for reportedly leaving the scene of an accident, which made her alleged fender-bender much more costly. Stick around and take your citation—it will save you money on your auto insurance quotes in the long run.

Collect a Renewal Discount

It pays to be a safe driver. Many companies like to reward their long-time customers and safe drivers with a renewal discount when they update their policy. If you are a safe driver with a good payment history, chances are they want to keep you on board.

Join a Club

Telling the cop you’re a famous actor may not get you out of a ticket, but professional affiliations can net extra savings on your bill. AAA is a popular choice, but insurance companies offer discounts to other professional organizations as well. Find out which organizations your insurance company recognizes and consider the savings.

Kim Wade is a freelance writer who writes about relationships, motherhood, and popular culture.


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