Life as a Disneyland Princess Revealed Not To be The Fairy Tale Its Cracked Up To Be


In the movies, Disney princesses seem to have it made — they get to wear beautiful dresses, marry their prince charming, and even talk in their normal voices.

Life as a real Disney princess, however, was revealed to be not so glamorous after former Disneyland princess held an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit, revealing details about the rigorous process involved in getting chosen, staying standing and in character throughout every shift, the $13 per hour pay, and the forced retirement at 27 years old.

The Reddit user, identified only as ‘Doublenn,’ answered questions Reddit users posed to her. She discussed in the session that she, as Snow White, and the other princesses must look the part, remember quotes from the movies, know how to sing in dance, and never ever break character.

The girls chosen must also be the right age and body type — most girls must be between 5’ 4’’ and 5’ 7’’ — as well as have the appropriate temperament for the princess. The audition process is incredibly rigorous as well, as girls must go through a couple interviews where they must dance, act, and the interviewers determine which character’s face matches best with the candidate.

For other characters, Doublenn said, such as Wendy, Alice and Tinkerbell, girls must only be between 4’ 11’ and 5’ 2’’ in order to be considered for the part.

The last and perhaps most crucial requirement is for girls to be between 18 and 23, and will only last a couple of years before they are too ‘old,’ and Doublenn answered that she’d never heard of a princess older than 27, which is unheard of in itself.

After meeting all the requirements and if lucky enough to be chosen, the girls then go through an intensive five-day training course where the study and memorize their Disney movies and characters. Once on shift, the girls must sit and get ready for about a hour while they put on the costumes, make-up and hair, which they must touch up throughout the day in order to look as perfect as possible (likely providing young girls with a quite the healthy sense of beauty).

In addition to the low pay (with ranges from $13.50 to $16 after raises), Doublenn also suffered from vocal damage after straining and speaking in a high voice for long hours.

Nevertheless, in all fairness, Doublenn said she did enjoy her time as a Disney princess and being a part of the multi-billion dollar magic. 

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