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Liberty Counsel Claims Sexually Abstinent People Earn an Extra $370K in Lifetime (Video)

The Liberty Counsel's 'Day of Purity' Coordinator Amber Haskew recently claimed on the Liberty Counsel's 'Faith and Freedom' radio program that "teen virgins will make across their lifetime an average of $370,000 more than their sexually active counterparts" (video below).

While that sounds like a good financial incentive not to have sex until married, it is also untrue.

According to, a 2005 Heritage Foundation report didn't actually provide any data to support this claim, which Haskew referenced, but speculated that students who abstain from premarital sex are likely to have "higher academic achievement" and "an average increase of $370,000 in income over a lifetime."

The Heritage Foundation stated in 2005:

Teens who abstain are likely to have greater future orientation, greater impulse control, greater perseverance, greater resistance to peer pressure, and more respect for parental and societal values. These traits are likely to contribute to higher academic achievement. In short, teen virgins are more likely to possess character traits that lead to success in life. Moreover, the practice of abstinence is likely to foster positive character traits that, in turn, will contribute to academic performance ... In our society, greater educational attainment leads, on average, to higher lifetime incomes. Because they are more successful in school, teen virgins can expect to have, on average, incomes that will be 16 percent higher than sexually active teens from identical socio-economic backgrounds. This will mean an average increase of $370,000 in income over a lifetime.

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