Legal Squatter Kenneth Robinson Evicted From Empty $340,000 Home

After paying $16 to file a one-page claim to an empty $340,000 home in an upscale Dallas suburb, squatter Kenneth Robinson is being evicted by Bank of America.

Last June, under a law known as 'Adverse Possession,' Robinson filed a claim in court promising to pay taxes and homeowners' association fees while living in the abandoned house, which had been in foreclosure for over a year by a mortgage company that had gone out of business.

However, on Monday, a judge gave Robinson until Feb. 13 to appeal or move out. Rather than wait to be evicted, Robinson slipped out before sunrise Monday, skipped a morning court hearing, but refused to say where he was moving next.

Robinson turned into a local celebrity and created a website 16dollarhouse.com, where he sold an e-book and offered training sessions for other would-be squatters.

Robinson appears to have inspired dozens of others who moved into Dallas-Fort Worth homes, some of which were still occupied by their owners.

"It's been a huge learning experience," Robinson said in a phone call with reporters.


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