Laugh-In Protest Against World's Richest Man Carlos Slim (Video)

Activists recently staged a laugh-in protest against Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, who is reportedly the world's richest man, and recorded it on video (below).

According to Salon.com, the protest occurred on May 9 at the New York Public Library in New York City.  It was staged by the group "Two Countries One Voice" and other New York Activists.

Slim was supposed to speak about the money that he had donated to provide free online educational courses via the Kahn Academy.

However, during his speech, the protesters laughed at the multi-billionaire, who has bought up almost all of Mexico’s telecommunications system from the Mexican government and hiked up rates on Mexican citizens.

“Carlos Slim, your charity is laughable,” yelled activist Stan Williams. “But your monopolies are no laughing matter. You’re price-gouging your consumers and exploiting the Mexican people!”

The protesters then walked around the room, played plastic kazoos and tossed out protest cards.

Some members of the audience were interviewed afterwards, but seemed to be oblivious or unmoved by the plight of the Mexican people, but were more concerned about Slim.

Source: Salon.com


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