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Las Vegas Taxicab Drivers Overcharged Passengers $14.8 Million in 2012

A new legislative audit released on Monday claims that Clark County, Nevada (which includes Las Vegas) taxicab drivers overcharged tourists an estimated $14.8 million when driving them to and from the airport.

These roundabout rides made up 22.5 percent of the 2,730 airport trips that auditors reviewed, reports the Associated Press.

No cabbies or cab companies have been charged with a crime, although it is a crime for a passenger not to pay his or her cab fare. Instead, the audit referred to the mass theft as a "negative experience" for tourists.

"Taxicab trips are often the first and last experience tourists have in Las Vegas," stated the audit. "Therefore, long hauling may result in tourists having a negative experience."

Officials with the Taxicab Authority, which oversees 16 cab companies and about 9,000 drivers, have not issue a statement yet.

More than half of the 600 driver trip sheets that were audited didn't include proper time stamps, which would ensure drivers aren't working too many hours and becoming exhausted.

Even though more funds were given to the Taxicab Authority in 2003 in order to audit the cab companies, authority managers often assigned workers to other jobs.

The audit also told the Taxicab Authority to monitor its medallions, which are metal plates that allow a taxi to operate. Many medallions have been reported lost or stolen. They are worth about $190,000 in income for the taxi company.

Source: Associated Press


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