Lady Gaga Sued for $10 Million by Toy Manufacturer MGA Entertainment

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Lady Gaga has sung about bad romance and now she’s experiencing it with a toymaker.

MGA Entertainment is suing the 26-year-old pop superstar for $10 million for breach of contract. Lady Gaga licensed the manufacturer to make a doll in her image.

But while Lady Gaga may have quite a voice, she didn't want her doll to have one. She requested a voice chip be removed from the doll and MGA claims it risked their ability to make their retail deadline.

MGA doesn’t think this was an accident; the company believes that Gaga and company deliberately tried to delay the release of the doll until 2013 so it would coincide with the release dates of her new album and perfume.

Huffington Post reports that, according to MGA officials, Gaga told them to make the doll’s face look more like a supermodel—“thin out the cheeks and sharpen the jawline. Give her more of a cat-eye and sexier, poutier lips.”

Gaga also wanted a zombie doll ensemble a la “Born This Way”. It was when MGA sent samples to the singer in April that she requested the voice chip be removed. She apparently also asked for them to delay shipping until 2013, even though the toy company had already made deals with distributors.

Amanda Silverman, Gaga’s spokeswoman, has told several media outlets that neither Gaga nor her lawyers have seen any court papers or complaints. She also says that the dispute is strictly between MGA and Universal Music Group’s merchandising company, not Lady Gaga.

This isn’t the first lawsuit that’s made Lady Gaga seem like a monster. Just last December, she was sued by her former personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill, for $380,000. O’Neill blasted Gaga as being a diva and a nightmare for which to work.

Gaga can easily make this bad news fade into the distance, as she’s planning on releasing the name of her forthcoming album this September.


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