Lady Gaga Foundation Spends More Money on Lawyers, Consultants, Publicity Than Charity


Celebrities often start charities to help a sincere cause, but questions are swirling around Lady Gaga’s Born this Way Foundation.

According to Showbiz 411, the foundation spent $348,000 on its "Born Brave" bus tour but paid over $1 million for lawyers, publicists, consultants and a website.

The spending info comes from the foundation's federal tax report.

The Born Brave bus followed Gaga during her "Born This Way Ball" musical tour in 2013 and continued after her tour was shortened by physical ailments.

The bus promoted self-acceptance, mental health services, and bullying and suicide prevention, noted MTV.

The foundation is headed up by Cynthia Germanotta, who is Gaga's mother.

Under Germanotta, the foundation reportedly spent $300,000 on strategic consulting for the website, $62,836 on stage productions at various colleges, $50,000 on social media web services and $50,000 on event coordination.

The foundation paid $808,661 to "other," $406,552 to lawyers, $150,000 to consultants, $60,000 for research, $58,768 to publicists and $78,000 for travel, reports Showbiz 411.

Sources: MTV and Showbiz 411


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