Kentucky City Commissioner: "I Feel Like Going Taliban" on Occupy Wall Street Protesters

According to Cincinnati.com, Covington, Kentucky city commissioner Steve Frank (R) expressed his disgust for Americans exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech at the Occupy Wall Street rallies and the similar protests around the country.

“Turn out the lights on the Occupiers, I feel like going Taliban on them!!!” he wrote in a Facebook post.

When asked to explain his comments, Frank further elaborated his harsh sentiments: ”The Taliban, as they see it is resisting occupation. I am resisting the Occupiers and very proud to be a 1%’er. I figured that the irony would be lost on most of the dummies in Occupation Nation who oppose the war in Afganistan because they see us as occupiers. I happen to oppose the war too but for highly different grounds."

Occupy protests have sprung up in at least 72 cities across America and over a thousand cities across the world. The demonstrations are trying to raise awareness of income inequality, the rising costs of living and the lack of accountability by anyone on Wall Street.

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