Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan Sue Landlord Over Haunted Apartment


An engaged couple from New Jersey is filing an unusual claim against their landlord claiming that the apartment came with an unadvertised third roommate - a poltergeist.

Josue Chinchilla and Michele Callan moved into their new abode in March along with Michele’s two children. Soon after the move, the young family began experiencing strange occurrences. Chinchilla and Callan concluded that they were the targets of a malevolent spirit attached to the apartment, and now they want their landlord to return their $2,250 security deposit.

What evidence do they have?

Chinchilla told the Asbury Park Press that he and his family heard ghostly footsteps, whispering and unexplained slamming noises. He and Callan also claim to have recorded a menacing voice saying, “Let it burn.”

The experiences were frightening enough that they caused Chinchilla and Callan to grab their kids and flee only months after signing the lease.

Unsurprisingly, their landlord, Dr. Richard Lopez, has a more mundane explanation for the lawsuit. He claims that Chinchilla and Callan came up with the supernatural excuse because they were having difficulty making the $1,500 monthly rent.

A hearing to resolve the conflict is scheduled for the end of April.

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