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Youtube Content Creator Josh Paler Lin Gives Homeless Man $100 To See How He Will Spend It (Video)

Josh Paler Lin, who has his own Youtube channel, gave a homeless man $100 and proceeded to follow him to see where the man would go and how he would spend the money. Assuming that the man was homeless because he was a drunk or an addict, Lin was shocked to see the man buy food and help out other homeless people with the extra money he had.

The video shows the homeless man enter a liquor store immediately after receiving the money. He comes out carrying bags that Lin assumes are full of alcohol.

After purchasing goods at the liquor mart, the man proceeds to a park where he hands out food to other homeless people. Lin and his camera man are audibly surprised when they find out what the homeless man is actually doing.

While the homeless man is handing out goods to more people, Lin approaches him again and tells the man that he has been following him. Lin explains that he saw the man enter a liquor store and the man smiled and replied, “Oh you thought I was going to get all smashed up drunk, huh?”

You can check out their entire exchange in the video below. 

Source: Mad World NewsYoutube / Photo Source: Mad World News


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