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Joe Biden Visits New Costco (Not Walmart) in Washington D.C.

Vice President Joe Biden took a detour off Capitol Hill Thursday, but not to another political meeting. Instead, he went to Costco.

In support of the discount chain’s opening of its first store within Washington city limits, Biden did a a little holiday shopping, which included children books for his wife Jill’s charity, a 32-inch Panasonic television and an apple pie.

You'll notice Biden didn't visit a Walmart. The retail giant has come under increased scrutiny for its low wages. Costco, meanwhile, is often seen as a model business for those who say profit and employee fairness can go hand in hand.

Biden joined the store’s co-founder, James D. Sinegal, who was an important fundraiser for the Obama campaign, and Costco’s chief executive, Craig Jelinek, who has advised Obama about how to deal with the upcoming fiscal cliff, for the grand opening.

Biden flashed his personal Costco card before making his way around the store’s departments, and taking advantage of the store's popular free food samples.

The White House is currently seeking out a compromise to prevent the automatic tax increases that are slated to take effect at the New Year, which would increase the middle class tax burden by $2,000.

The Obama administration has been active in trying to get Americans involved in persuading law makers to stop the tax hikes.

In particular, Obama’s Twitter account encouraged people yesterday to tweet what they would do with their $2,000 to their law makers by using the hashtag #my2K. Biden’s shopping trip was likely another reach-out to voters, or perhaps just his single-handed attempt to save Costco from toppling over the fiscal cliff.


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