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Jobs, Baby, Jobs

As a transplant to New York relocating from Detroit, better known as “Motown” or the “Motor City,” I know first hand  effects of job loss, especially when dealing with the auto-industry. Michigan’s once pride and joy, the big three; General Motors, Chrysler and Ford Motor Company recently experienced dramatic job loss increasing unemployment rate for the past six to eight years in Detroit. What’s interesting is not all of these local plant closings, employee downsizing and lay offs are due to the economy, but many other factors. The reality is that the demand for American cars is just not there, which is why we have many Americans purchasing foreign vehicles. Perhaps a solution would be to encourage foreign companies to make their parts and build their plants here in the United States to bring more jobs to everyday hardworking Americans.

America’s employment problem is simply that the demand of yesterday doesn’t equal to the needs of the future, in an ever growing and changing America. The jobs of the future will surround itself around infrastructure, in maintaining and rebuilding bridges, highways, and massive construction for homes with a growing population. These jobs of tomorrow will concentrate on innovations of new technologies, hence why it’s imperative for the federal government to invests in science, math and technology so that we can be a competitive against nations like; Japan, India. As I watched Sen. McCain during the election talk about creating jobs, I thought to myself, “the jobs are here in the United States, the question is do we as American have the skills to utilize these jobs and perform successfully, which is why many of the high quantitative jobs are going to many non-U.S. born citizens.

The future of employment will introduce a type of “technological revolution” as we witnessed with the Obama campaign. President Elect Obama utilized technology; such as I-phones, text messages, Facebook, Myspace, etc., better than any political candidate in United States history. The GOP which prides itself as the party of self sufficiency must encourage social entrepreneurship utilizing technology, because this is where the future lies, where jobs will flourish. In 2012 Republicans need to start singing, “Jobs, Baby, Jobs”, instead of “Drill Baby, Drill” because the crisis in America is around employment, nothing more. Let’s think for a moment, when Americans are employed they can purchase their own “healthcare”, afford the “choice” of changing from failed schools for their children, and it gives people a sense of dignity to be employed. Studies show an interesting correlation for public safety that correlates high employment rates actually bring down crime rates in many major cities nationwide. Employment is the ticket to rebuilding America’s economy, but now the question is where are the jobs and how do we obtain them.

I strongly suggest that energy and agriculture will be significant in terms of job creation, in particular with building nuclear plants, for nuclear and solar energies. Second, agriculture is the lost forgotten voice in terms of sustainable growth for harvesting this countries food production that is preparing to experience an intense increase in population. We will see that agriculture may be one of the most intense employment opportunities for the future next to technology, because agriculture has been the driving force of the United States, not warfare. The GOP must approach 2012 with a solid message of jobs, by preparing to create the jobs of the future which many have not yet been created. We as American’s must remember that dominance in the world is not always granted nor guaranteed to which country has the strongest military force, but instead a country adapts to a changing economy and prepares itself for future innovations.


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