Jim Cramer: Buy Gold, Now!


Screaming maniac Jim Cramer is yelling about gold, telling people they should still buy it even though it is at all-time highs.

Gold closed Thursday at $1,352.90. While that price seems high, the host of CNBC's "Mad Money" and other financial experts think there's nowhere to go but up even more.

Cramer wrote in his MSN Money commentary that at a recent New York fundraiser he attended that was packed with 200 rich folk, only 4 of them said they owned gold. 

Cramer said this skepticism among the supposedly financially sophisticated people is precisely the reason to "buy right into the weakness." Cramer continues, "Go buy more gold if you have some, and start a position today if you don't."

He thinks people should buy gold and not stop until it becomes at least 5% of a person's portfolio.

Investors in the rest of the world are buying gold. For the most part, Americans do not buy gold for investment.


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