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James Bond "Skyfall" Movie Inspires New Democratic Gun Bill

James Bond may be the new face of gun safety across America.

One House Representative was inspired by a scene in “Skyfall” and is now working to pass a bill that would require guns be made with “personalization technology.”

In the movie, James Bond drops his gun, which is then picked up by a villain who attempts to use it against him. However, because of the “personalization technology,” the gun only works when it is in Bond’s hand.

Though not everyone can pull off Daniel Craig's swagger, they may be able to get his as-seen-at-the-movies technology. Or at least that’s what Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.) is working toward.

"In the most recent James Bond film, Bond escapes death when his handgun, which is equipped with technology that recognizes him as its owner, becomes inoperable when it gets into the wrong hands," Tierney's office said in a statement introducing the bill. "This technology, however, isn't just for the movies — it's a reality."

Tierney’s bill, the Personalized Handgun Safety Act, H.R. 2005, would require all guns to be made with this technology two years after the bill passes and all guns made before the bill to be retrofitted after three years. Tierney says that this technology could be a big step in preventing accidental gun deaths.

"Whether a gun owner or not, a NRA member or not, we should be able to agree on gun safety measures that will make our families and communities safer. This technology needs to be put into action,” Tierney’s statement reads.

The costs of retrofitting older guns will supposedly be taken from the Department of Justice’s Asset Forfeiture Fund, where criminals’ confiscated assets are placed.

The bill has some support, as 13 House Democrats co-sponsor it and the Children’s Defense Fund Action Council backs it. However, gun rights advocates and the NRA are sure to throw a fit over any type of gun regulation, especially when it is proposed by Democrats, so the likelihood of this bill ever making it to a vote will be slim.

Sources: The Hill, Before Its News


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