Is traditional college a big waste of time for 2/3?


I have argued since I graduated in 1994 that college is a mistake for most. 2011 will be the year that puts the argument to the test.!/pages/College-Conspiracy/100530400037409

Does it make sense to spend five years of valuable time following instructions from professors who mostly haven't accomplished anything in the real world or created a single job? Shouldn't students get more value for the increasing tuition that they pay? The fact is that college admissions advisors fail to tell students that they can't shake student loan debt even by filing for bankruptcy. Let's see who the most real world and ahead of the curve business school professors are. I plan to continue inviting colleges to submit their most valuable business department professor. If we determine that she or he doesn't provide more valuable information than the top ten who are willing to speak at the school campus, would they invite them to speak?

A documentary called "College conspiracy" is about to be released tomorrow. The following is a quote from an email preview: "The college-industrial complex has created not only myths, but outright hoaxes, in order to scam American students into becoming indentured servants for life. Three years ago when 15 new pharmacist schools were about to open in the U.S., the college cartel bribed economists to come out with phony research reports showing that the U.S. was experiencing a huge shortage of pharmacists. The reports said that 150,000 new pharmacists would be needed in the U.S. by 2020 due to the aging babyboomer population and a huge boom in 24-hour pharmacies being built nationwide. Today, NIA is receiving reports of pharmacies on the east coast receiving 300 applications for each new pharmacist job opening. in what can be described in no other way than collusion, colleges today are accepting kickbacks from book publishers to force students to buy "custom" textbooks that are created for that specific college."

I approached a university to ask how one becomes an instructor for their business school. They arrogantly replied that they have career faculty and essentially closed the doors to better ideas. I noticed that the professor they pointed to in their reply email never accomplished a thing in the real world. not only has the most real world, ahead of the curve instructors but is now hiring rectuiters to challenge the status quo.


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