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IRS Agent Offers Sex to Vincent Burroughs, Promises Break on Tax Audit

A woman who worked for the Internal Revenue Service allegedly coerced a man to have sex with her, saying she would impose no tax penalty if they had the affair. 

Vincent Burroughs, 40, said Dora Abrahamson, 38, sexually harassed him and intimidated him. 

Burroughs, of Fall Creek, Oregon, said he initially denied her advances until she said she could impose no tax penalty or a 40 percent penalty. 

According to the lawsuit, "she told Burroughs that she could be a b**ch, or that she could be nice. She said that she could impose no penalty, or a 40 percent penalty, and that if he would give her what she wanted, she would give him what he needed."

He had sex with the IRS agent the day she told him this.

Prior to this advance, the agent had called him to notify him that he was being audited. She told Burroughs that "she knew who he was, and that it was lucky for him that this ws the case, and that they should meet." 

Burroughs denied having ever met her prior to this call.

She then began flirting with him over the phone and through texts, sending him pictures of her in her underwear and offering him massages. 

She has not commented on the lawsuit, but is not believed to be working for the IRS any longer. 

Burroughs is asking for the jury to award him with unspecified punitive damages. 

He said the affair had caused distress and a "rift in his relationship with his significant other."

Abrahamson's advances, according to the suit, were a violation of Burroughs's privacy and "were an excessive intrusion onto his person."

The lawsuit also states that Burroughs did not immediately report the advances because he was embarrassed and fearful that she would "cause substantial financial penalties to be imposed upon him."



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