Iowa Teacher Hands Out Communist Propaganda?

Communism may be all-but dead all over the world, but not in a classroom in Iowa, where a teacher is accused of handing of communist propaganda.

The Daily Mail reports that during a lesson on the Cold War, a social studies teacher at Roosevelt High School in Des Moines gave kids a handout with a cartoon that some say promotes communism:

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The capitalist side has workers with balls and chains strapped to their ankles and a cigar-smoking businessman collecting all of the money they produce.

The communist side has workers free of shackles, with the money going back to them.

The text reads in part:

Communism stands for equal sharing of work, according to the benefits and ability. But in capitalism, an individual is responsible for his works and if he wants to raise the ladder, he has to work hard.

While the profit of any enterprise is equally shared by all the people in communism, the profit in a capitalist structure belong to the private owner only.

The school defended the handout, saying it spells out the differences between communism and capitalism without taking one side or the other, saying in a statement:

"The Class, 20th Century History, was studying the Cold War and propaganda, looking at some of the arguments both sides made about why their system was best on a range of topics, including their economies.

"The Handout simply highlights the differences between capitalism and communism, and some of the arguments made during the period of the Cold War."


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