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Internet Company Makes $10,000 Sending Poop To People (Video)

A new Internet company claims it made $10,120 in one month sending plastic containers of horse poop and nasty messages to people.

For only $16.95, will mail a plastic container of horse manure to someone you don't like and include a written insult.

The website picked up traffic and sales after the founder, who identifies himself as "Peter," posted links on Reddit and Bitcoin.

This stunt has been pulled before by websites such as and, but those websites require a credit card and include detailed disclaimers, even though they claim anonymity. uses Bitcoin, noted, which mailed itself some horse crap (video below).

The package arrived from Slovenia and was marked “Halloween Gag Gift” to get through U.S. Customs. lists's owner under an anonymous cover.

According to the, the company delivers bowel movements anywhere in the world and claims that Bitcoin guarantees anonymity of the buyer. So far, they have delivered animal excrement to 36 countries.



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