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Infographic: How Much Money the Girl Scouts Made Last Year

If you're wondering how much money the Girl Scouts earned selling cookies and other delicious facts, recently posted this infographic below.

The Girl Scouts earned $714,000,000 in cookie sales in 2012, 20 times the amount brought in from membership fee revenue.

The total number of calories that were sold were a whopping 210,162,000,000. Also, Thin Mint cookies are the most popular type of cookie, with Samoas and Tagalongs coming next.

The record for the most girl scouts cookies ever sold is held by Jennifer Sharpe, who sold more than 17,000 boxes in 2008.

At the time, her mother said: “I remember when she first started selling, she was very shy and quiet and you had to push her out to talk to customers, but now she’s right out there, first to the door."

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