Indiana Lawsuit Seeks to Reverse State's Ban on Selling Cold Beer

Members of an Indiana group are asking lawmakers to ease restrictions on a fairly average freedom afforded in all other states – the ability to purchase cold beers from grocery stores.

The Hoosier State currently bans grocery and convenience stores from selling cold beers in attempt to deter drunk driving.

Only actual liquor stores are allowed to keep beers behind refrigerators.

And although the controversial law has been in effect for almost 50 years, members of the Indian Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association have finally had enough.

Scot Imus, the association’s executive director, has said the law is highly illogical – especially given the fact that higher temperatures don’t lower alcohol content.

“In reviewing the history, it became more and more clear to us there really was not a rational basis for the current law,” he told the Inquisitr. “The fact the law says pharmacies, convenience stores and grocery stores are capable enough to sell the product warm, then it gets rather arbitrary about what temperature it can be sold at. When you change the temperature, it doesn’t change the alcohol content.”

Overall, the group is arguing the law unfairly discriminates against grocery, convenience, and pharmacy stores, given the fact customers are more likely to head over to a liquor store in order to purchase cold beer.

Sources: Inquisitr, Indy Star


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