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Ikea ‘Gosa Raps’ Pillow Translates Into ‘Cuddle Rape’

After typing the name of Ikea’s "Gosa Raps" pillow into Google Translate, one Reddit user found out that the translation service interprets the name to mean “cuddle rape” in English. The pillow costs around $50 and is specifically designed for people who sleep on their sides.

There may be a good reason for the pillow’s funny name. The Reddit user pointed out that “raps” can translate into Rapeseed, a type of plant or flower. There are other pillows in the Gosa series and they usually contain a flower name in their title. Ikea makes a “Gosa Tulpan” pillow that translates into “Cuddle Tulip” according to Google.

Ikea is not the only company to have issues with awkward translations. Target recently announced that it had to re-name its line of “Orina” sandals because the Spanish word means urine when translated into English, according to The Huffington Post.

Other Ikea products like the hanger Bumerang, knife Slitbar and pot Skanka have long delighted customers with their somewhat funny-sounding names. The company also makes some products that have translation problems similar to the Gosa Raps pillow. A pillowcase named Skarblad translates into “cut blade.” A spatula with the name of Gubbrora, means “old man touch” when translated into English.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail


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