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'I Do Now I Don’t' Website Resells Engagement, Wedding Rings from Failed Relationships

A new jewelry website is helping jilted fiancees and divorced people resell their engagement and wedding rings.

I Do Now I Don’t was created by Joshua Opperman, who was jilted by his fiancee of three months. She suddenly moved out, but left behind her engagement ring.

Opperman recalls on his website how he tried to sell her ring to the jeweler who sold it to him:

The offer was staggeringly low. It turns out jewelers mark up rings two or three times over their wholesale cost. That $10,000 ring probably cost the jeweler $3,500. And that’s just about what I was offered. Rather than get mad I decided to break even—and that’s when I launched I Do Now I Don’t.

On the website, people list a picture and description of their ring, plus the sad story behind their failed relationship, notes the Daily Mail.

One woman wrote on her listing about her $3,000 sapphire and diamond ring: "I have worked two jobs for the past two years to pay for this wedding by myself…. now I am out $15k, and will get no refunds because it is so close. Please help me, I am heart broken, and I am still in debt $4k."

Another gal did make it to the altar, but only stayed hitched for a few months: "I was married for all of 4 months and got a huge surprise. Oh well :/ I had this ring made by a custom jeweler that makes his pieces one at a time."

Yet another woman wrote about being dumped after marriage: "This set has been to Hawaii! I was married at sunset, on a beach on the beautiful Island Of Maui in 1999. After one child, my husband decided I was no longer his soul mate. I loved these rings, but they are no longer for me. I was forced to start over, these rings need to do the same!"

It's not all depressing,  Opperman reports that he was married in August.

Sources: Daily Mail and I Do Now I Don’t


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