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Hyun Lee Suing CVS Pharmacy for Writing 'Ching Chong Lee' on Receipt (Video)

Hyun Lee has filed a $1 million lawsuit against pharmacy giant CVS because a company cashier wrote "Ching Chong" on her receipt for some photographs (video below).

Attorney Susan Chana Lask said Lee used her own name when ordering pictures online, but her name was written as “Ching Chong Lee” on the receipt on February 7 at a CVS in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey, reports CBS New York.

Lee complained to CVS and was told the unidentified employee would be “counseled and trained.”

“There’s no amount, in my opinion, of training from CVS or any company that’s going to stop this kind of hate and bullying against someone’s race,” Lask told WCBS 880 AM. “CVS touts that they make $300 billion a year on their filings, then $1 million should be enough to teach them a lesson that their employees should not be getting away with this."

“[The employee] should have been terminated immediately,” Lask told “[Lee] never got an apology. She never got anything further after she complained. It appears that the employee is still there. [Lee] will not return to that CVS until that employee is removed.”

“CVS/Pharmacy is committed to treating all of our customers with dignity and respect and we have a firm non-discrimination policy," Michael DeAngelis, spokesperson for CVS, said in a statement. "We are looking into this matter, but cannot comment further due to the pending litigation.”

Sources: CBS New York and


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