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Hurricane Sandy Victims Charged for Unused Water (Video)

Hurricane Sandy victims in Staten Island, N.Y., claim they have been charged hundreds of dollars for water they did not use (video below).

The Department of Environmental Protection sent a letter to residents telling them that they were going to be charged at least $1.19 a day even if they were not using water in their homes.

Some Hurricane Sandy victims have been charged as much as $500.

"That's $500 these people could use to replace a washer or dryer or refrigerator swept out to sea during Sandy," said Rep. Michael Grimm in a press conference Saturday.

Grimm said he has contacted the Department of Environmental Protection and asked them to drop the water fees.

Department of Environmental Protection spokesman, Ted Timbers, told NBC New York that billing was suspended for Hurricane Sandy Victims and has not been started on any homes that are uninhabitable.

Source: NBC New York


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