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Houston Resident Al Alverson Catches UPS Delivery Man Stealing Daughter's iPad Mini

Avoiding holiday traffic, skipping the long check-out lines, spending hours searching for a parking spot at the mall—the perks of shopping for holiday gifts online always seem to outweigh buying them in person.

This, though, wasn’t the case for Houston resident Al Alverson.

Alverson purchased an iPad mini for his daughter online as a Christmas present, but the package was stolen from his front doorstep by a UPS delivery man. Luckily, Alverson had installed a surveillance camera above his doorstep three years ago, and posted the video on YouTube.

The video shows a FedEx delivery man delivering the package containing the iPad at 9:29 a.m. Wednesday morning. A few hours later, the UPS delivery man shows up to deliver another package at 1:15 p.m. The UPS man leaves, but returns two minutes later, picks up the FedEx package, and takes it with him.

Alverson told KHOU 11 News that UPS did not believe him at first, until he posted the video on YouTube. Afterward, UPS told the Alversons that they’d replace the iPad for them. UPS also has told KHOU 11 News that they have identified the employee and he was fired. He has also been arrested by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and charged with theft.


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