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Hillary Clinton Has Impressive Lead in Early 2016 Presidential Race Polls

Only a couple of months into Barack Obama’s second term, the first polling results for the 2016 presidential election have been released.

The poll, conducted by Quinnipac University, pitted possible 2016 candidates against each other and asked 1,944 registered voters about who they’d vote for. The results indicate that Hillary Clinton is dominating the race, leading top Republican candidates by sizable margins.

Though there are the necessary disclaimers about how the election is still 3 years away and many of the possible Republican candidates, such as Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.), are just emerging on the national stage, the survey does provide a good preview of what role immigration will play in 2016.

As for the results: Clinton led Rubio by a 16-point margin — 36 points with Latino voters. Chris Christie performed a little better than Rubio, but Clinton still held an 8-point lead nationally. Paul Ryan, too, trailed Clinton in a 12-point margin, and was crushed by Latino voters who went 69-21 in favor of Clinton

This poll, in addition to another one released this week by Latino Decisions, indicates that citizenship and immigration reform are Latinos’ top concerns — much more than the economy, education or religion.

In other words, changing the topic won’t distract determined Latino voters from immigration reform, and the best strategy for the Republican Party may be to simply unabashedly support it.

Source: Talking Points Memo


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