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Hilarious or Offensive? 'Kmart Knickers' Spoof Ad Stirs Controversy

Following Kmart’s funny wordplay commercials, “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings,” a parody commercial has been released that might have gone a little too far.

“Kmart Knickers” was produced by TheGunfordmay, a user on YouTube, that plays off of racist black stereotypes to produce humor. The actors explain on camera what they are all intending to use their “knickers” for, which all play into the black stereotypical double entendre.

“I bought some work knickers for the yard.”

“I have my lazy knickers for lounging around the house.”

“I got me some dancing knickers.”

Perhaps for some political insurance, the video includes a black man who at first seems offended.

“Wait a minute, what’d he say?” He asks, and then with a shrug, he points down at his own pants and says, “Aw, knickers, please.”

Though the video is not produced by Kmart, it does walk the line between hilarious and incredibly offensive. Perhaps it went too far, especially during the part when the Kmart associate explains the knickers can be shipped anywhere in the world by boat, but the public seems to be split right down the middle. According to a Huffington Post poll, 47 percent believe the commercial is “totally funny” and 53 percent “super offensive.”

As for now, it looks like Kmart will continue to rely on good, old-fashioned playground humor for laughs. 

Watch the video here:

Sources: Huffington Post, Hypervocal 


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