Harassment Accusations Aside, Women Not Flocking to Herman Cain

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is denying allegations that he was accused of sexual harassment during his tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association during the 1990s. The allegations of inappropriate behavior were first reported by Politico

In terms of receiving political donations from the ladies, Cain's fund-raising so far this year has been slightly lower than nearly all of his rivals.

For its part, Cain's campaign has relied on women for about 25.1 percent of its money, according to estimates by the Center for Responsive Politics. That ranks Cain behind all but two other current candidates.

The median percentage of campaign cash from female donors to the current crop of Republican presidential candidates is 27.5 percent, by the Center's tally.

These percentages are based only on donations from people who have donated more than $200 to political candidates. Personal details about individual donors are only publicly available for people who have donated more than $200. Donations that do not exceed $200 do not have to be publicly reported by campaigns in an itemized fashion.

Notably, Cain has relied on small-dollar donors who have given $200 or less for about half of his campaign war chests. The same is true for President Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidates Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann

It's impossible to know the gender breakdown of small-dollar donors from the public records.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum rank as the GOP candidates most reliant on women donors, according to the Center's research. About33.5 percent of Perry's donors are women, while about 32.3 percent of Santorum's donors are.

Paul stands out as the GOP candidate who has been the least reliant on women donors. Only about 16.1 percent of Paul's campaign contributions have been from women, according to the Center's research.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who many regard as the party's front-runner, has received about 29.6 percent of his money from female donors, by the Center's tally.

All the while, no Republican presidential candidate has raised as much money from women as Obama.

So far this year, Obama has relied on women for about 43.8 percent of his money, according to the Center's research.

Overall, the Center estimates that women have supplied about 27.6 percent of all campaign cash so far this year.

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