Hacker Group Anonymous Plans A ‘Day to Remember’ with #OpUSA

“Greetings Obama and USA citizens. We are the N4m3le55 Cr3w. Anonymous will make sure that's this May 7th will be a day to remember,” reads the official press release from Anonymous.

On that day, it goes on to state, will begin ‘phase one’ of #OpUSA, the groups’ planned cyber attack on the United States.

The press release describes at length the issues N4m3le55 Cr3w holds against the U.S., pointing an unyielding finger at President Obama, commenting on everything from his killing “hundreds of innocent children and families with drones, guns, and now bombs,” to shaming him out for “[trying] to take [from] the people of your nation second amendment rights and freedom of speech.”

The May 7thplanned operation, though, will "likely will result in limited disruptions and mostly consist of nuisance-level attacks against publicly accessible webpages," according to the Department of Homeland Security, says the Huffington Post.

It is impossible to predict exactly what will come of the May 7th deploring of #OpUSA, though it is safe to say that the Anonymous group has certainly been able to stir things up on a number of occassions.  

The hacker group seems to take their efforts quite serious, warning that for Americans, “we suggest switching your bank accounts from a big bank to a local union ... do not take this as a warning.”

Krebs On Security says the hackers’ #OpUSA “May Be More Bark Than Bite,” but we've never been ones to underestimate this group and we wouldn't advise anyone else to do so either.

Sources: Huffington Post, Krebs On Security, PasteBin.com


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