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'Gutzy Wear' Helps Singles Connect for Dating

Phoenix, Arizona entrepreneur Kari Holt has created "Gutzy Wear" to help singles connect face-to-face simply by looking at each others' clothing.

Holt, who is a single mom, tried online dating, but was often disappointed.

In 2011, Holt came up with the idea of creating a logo on a shirt that would let other people know that the person is "single, available and approachable."

"My whole goal with the Gutzy Wear is to empower people to just break open a conversation again in everyday places," Holt told

After Holt launched Gutzy Wear in Phoenix, Arizona, she says "a few thousand" people in the state purchased the brand's products.

"If you go and sit at a car wash, everybody's looking at either their iPad, their smartphones. Nobody even knows what their surroundings are anymore," said Holt. "And I think ... we've been desensitized and don't even know how to even approach somebody in public anymore. We don't interact anymore, unless it's in a bar situation where people are drinking and getting the guts to go up and say 'Hi.'"

In addition to being an icebreaker, the shirt includes a "connection code" on the back. This is so people, who miss a connection with someone wearing the shirt, can contact the wearer through the company's website, providing they can recall the shirt's number.

Holt is also trying to raise $10,000 via Kickstarter by June 5 to manufacture a line of more active wear featuring the Gutzy Wear logo.



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