Graduating Students Furious After High School Admits It 'Forgot' to Teach Them Required Course


That four letter word is one of the last things high school students want to hear from their administrators just days before graduation.

For students in Sweden, that high school nightmare became reality as many were told a week away from graduation that the school had forgotten to teach them a required religion class.

"This is really the worst thing you can imagine," student Aryan Roozy Talab told the Metro newspaper in Sweden.

The students are extremely angry with their teachers and administrators at Aniaragymnasiet High School in Gothenburg, Sweden, who have now advised the students to complete the year-long course during their last remaining week of high school.

The mistake stems from vague wording in the Swedish curriculum, according to the school’s principal Christel Berver.

“When you read the law, it can be interpreted that you can switch religion with social science,” Berver said. But, as the school and students just found out, that’s not allowed.

The students claim they expressed suspicion about their missing course, but were assured by teachers that their course loads would get them to graduation.

Now, the students are working overtime to finish all the religion class coursework with only days before their graduation. If they fail to complete all the necessary requirements, then they will have to make up the course in the fall.

Sources: The Local, MSN


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