Glenn Beck Looking at $100 Million Payday

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Glenn Beck is doing just fine after being fired from his Fox News show a couple of months ago. Analysts say he is on target to make upwards of $100 million per year, possibly more.

The Daily Mail reports that Beck already has 230,000 customers paying $9.95 per month for his online content. His new two-hour show, simply titled “Glenn Beck,” started airing this week on his site. That’s around $27 million per year.

But analyst Rich Greenfield of BTIG Research said that 230,000 people represent just 1% of the audience of Beck’s former Fox Show, his radio show and his other websites. Greenfield estimates that number will eventually grow to 5%, which would mean more than one million subscribers. At that level, Beck would take in $135 million per year.

Forbes reports that other analysts see these figures as optimistic. But most agree that Beck will make far more than the $2.5 million Fox paid him annually, as well as the $40 million he made overall last year.

“Because Mr. Beck owns the show and the network, he could make substantially more,” The Wall Street Journal reported.


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