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Glenn Beck Attacks Critics, Predicts Economic Collapse, Doomsday (Video)

Glenn Beck lashed out at critics on his radio show today and predicted an economic doomsday "the likes of which the globe has never seen."

According to, Beck was angry because not enough people have been taking his doomsday warnings seriously.

"I challenge you, for anybody who thinks I'm a nincompoop, I challenge you to find anyone on planet earth who has had the direction and the specifics as right as I have and we have over the last six years. I challenge you! Bring me the names!" said Beck (video below).

"But I am wrong on timing. But I am telling you, we are about to have an economic impact, the likes of which the globe has never seen. When, not if, all these chicken come home to roost, when they all come home to roost, you will have mass chaos, not just in the Middle East, but it will slide the entire globe into chaos."

Beck later warned: "Whoever has power lynches them in the streets and kills them. And if you think I'm wrong on that, read history for ten minutes."



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