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Gerald Desiderio Arrested for Sending Alimony Checks, Covered in Feces, to Ex-Wife

Gerald Desiderio, of Long Island, New York, allegedly sent his ex-wife several alimony checks covered in feces.

In response, federal prosecutors have charged Desiderio with sending hazardous materials through the U.S. mail, obstructing the mail and interstate stalking, reports the New York Post.

In the past, Desiderio has reportedly enclosed harassing notes and other tasteless objects”along with the alimony checks that he sends regularly to his ex-wife.

He once sent a photo of a knife with a serrated blade, a sketch of a woman in a straitjacket and pictures of people in sexual acts, reports the Daily Mail.

Desiderio’s ex-wife told authorities that she moved away from New York to flee to her ex-husband.

Desiderio was arraigned in Brooklyn federal court yesterday and posted a $35,000 bail.


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