Gabriel Gomez May Have Fighting Chance Against Ed Markey in Mass. Special Election

Massachusetts’ special Senate seat election should be an interesting horse race to watch, as Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Rep. Ed Markey face off to fill the vacant seat.

In February 2013, Sen. John Kerry became the new U.S. Secretary of State, leaving his spot in the Senate to be decided by a special election to be held June 25. Tuesday’s primaries announced the official candidates: Gomez and Markey. Though Markey may be the frontrunner for the blue-leaning state, Gomez does present the former House representative with a significant challenge.

Normally, Republicans don’t stand a chance, but in 2010, the Massachusetts Democrats experienced a huge upset when charismatic, young and moderate Republican Scott Brown was able to snag an open Senate seat during a special election after Edward Kennedy’s death.

Gomez is young, vigorous, a son of an immigrant and a man with military experience — a political spitting image of Brown, and perhaps a ‘perfect storm’ candidate capable of winning Kerry’s seat if Markey doesn’t bring his A game to the campaign.

Not only is Gomez a veteran, he’s an ex-Navy SEAL, further adding to his appeal. He is also a religious man that, despite his pro-life beliefs, vows to uphold Roe v. Wade as law.

That being said, 2010 was a much rockier political climate for Democrats than 2013 appears to be. This was made clear when the state ousted Brown from his Senate seat, opting to vote in his Democrat challenger Elizabeth Warren instead.

According to an early April poll, Gomez is trailing Markey 36 to 51, so he does have a bit of a gap to overcome.

Sources: Christian Science Monitor, US News & World Report


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