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Fox News Hosts, Contributors Fundraise for Republicans

Several Fox News hosts and contributors are working hard to raise money for Republican candidates in 2014.

Normally, news broadcasters and reporters do not raise money for political parties, but that journalistic ethic has been thrown out the door at Fox News.

According to, Fox News hosts Mike Huckabee, Oliver North and Andrea Tantaros, as well as Fox News contributors John Bolton, Deneen Borelli, Ben Carson, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove and Allen West are appearing at “Lincoln Day Dinners,” which raise money for various Republicans.

Mike Huckabee appeared at a fundraiser in 2011 that brought in over $100,000, noted the Harris County GOP

Fox News contributor Ben Carson and Fox News guest host  Laura Ingraham were speakers at a Palm Beach Lincoln Day dinner "that typically takes in around $100,000," reported the Sun-Sentinel.

The conservative speakers also make money at these fundraisers.

Fox News contributor Tucker Carlson was paid $23,500 to keynote the Oregon Lane County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner in 2011 and Fox News contributor John Bolton banked $28,330 for the 2012 dinner, according to the State of Oregon’s records.

Ingraham made $12,500 for speaking at a Palm Beach GOP fundraiser in 2013, notes Palm Beach County records.

In contrast, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz recently pulled out of next month's Broward County Democrats Unity Dinner when it was revealed to be a fundraiser, reported Politico.

Sources: Politico, Palm Beach County, State of Oregon, Sun-Sentinel,, Harris County GOP


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