Fox News Claims Low Interest Student Loans Create Unemployment (Video)


Low student loan interest rates are the cause of long-term joblessness, claimed Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday.

Carlson was interviewing economics professor Peter Morici, who said that Obamacare was to blame for 47 percent of the population being employed full time, according to the Labor Department's June jobs report.

“So here’s the part I can’t get past, 47 percent of the population works full time. That means the other 53 percent is being supported by that 47 percent. That’s not a good ratio," claimed Carlson, notes

However, the jobs report never stated that 53 percent were being "supported" by the 47 percent. In fact, many people are working multiple part-time jobs are supporting themselves.

Morici replied: “Absolutely not. Look what’s happening with young people, my students, many of them are getting into these part-time jobs, some of them not very meaningful. You know, you got a guy with a masters degree working at Starbucks so he lives with his parents.”

“What’s going to happen to these young people and all their big student loans? The answer is very bad things. The president has been buying lower unemployment rates by essentially providing very cheap student loans and keeping people out of the labor market.”

Morici failed to mention that no one has been forcibly kept out of the job market and college students have traditionally worked part-time jobs while going to school for decades.

“Exactly. So, cheap student loans keep people out of the labor market. This is a dangerous spiral," insisted Carlson.

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