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Fox News Attacks Unions for One Year (Video)

Since Labor Day 2012, Fox News has kept up a steady attack against labor unions, often calling them "thugs" and other derisive names.

A montage of some of these attacks (video below) has been put together by

In one clip, Fox News' Stuart Varney claimed the "Twinkie company was brought down by unionization and competing unions."

"Organized labor is on the brink of collapse and the pressure is getting to them. What was once a membership of hard-working men and women, big labor has degenerated into a band of anarchist thugs," claimed The Five co-host Eric Bolling.

Fox News' contributor Lars Larson said that President Obama was "bought and paid for" by unions and was backing the "thuggish behavior of unions in Michigan" and "thuggish behavior of unions in Wisconsin."

Larson added, "If you're a union member, you ought to be ashamed of the thuggish behavior of your union members."

On Fox & Friends, co-host Gretchen Carlson suggested that airplane seats were coming loose because of union members' sabotage.

"Union violence is not new, we've seen it before," claimed Sean Hannity, who went on to describe has peaceful Tea Party groups are, but didn't mention their racist signs about Obama.



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