Fox News Attacks Obama For Giving More Americans Overtime Pay (Video)


President Obama is planning to make more American workers eligible for overtime pay.

Currently, salaried workers making more than $23,660 a year aren't eligible for overtime if some of their work is considered supervisory, thanks to an executive order by the Bush administration in 2004, noted the Associated Press.

As a result many companies have claimed that workers who perform labor, with very little supervisory duties, are actually supervisors and need not be paid overtime, reported Human Resources Journal.

However, Obama signed an executive order on Thursday directing the Labor Department "to ensure that workers are paid fairly for a hard day's work."

"If you're making $23,000, typically you're not high in management," Obama said.

In response, Fox News has attacked Obama and American workers. reports that Fox News host Bill O'Reilly claimed that Obama may "actually be hurting workers" based on a Wall Street Journal article that claims increase overtime pay may cost jobs.

O'Reilly didn't mention that his politically-conservative boss Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.

This morning, Fox News host Martha MacCallum claimed that the new overtime rule would damage the "work ethic" and create a "disincentive to stand out" at work, notes

However, MacCallum offered no proof of her theory. reports that Fox News Business host Stuart Varney claimed, “This is redistribution by executive order. The president is buying votes. He is commanding higher salaries for millions of people. Right before an election."

But Varney didn't mind when President Bush signed an executive order for the opposite "wealth redistribution" before the 2004 election.

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